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Our Roots

We’re A Small Seed Producing, Family Farm Located In Nova Scotia. We Offer Canadian Gardeners A Selection Of Locally Adapted And Ecologically Produced Heirloom Vegetable, Herb And Flower Seeds.

Reconnect With Your Neighbours Through The Sharing Of Local Seeds.

Settled on the east coast of Nova Scotia in the fresh ocean breeze, our gardens thrive during the short maritime growing season. Boasting nutritious heirloom vegetables and fruits, accompanied by companion plants of fragrant flowers and flavourful herbs. The healthiest, most flavourful and most productive plants are selected for seed saving, to offer you the best for your gardens.

Vegetables, flowers and herbs are grown on our home farm in Head of Jeddore, NS. We source additional seed from select growers in Nova Scotia, to offer you more diversity. These trusted growers are our friends, valuing the same local and organic growing practices.

The online seed shop features our favourite home garden varieties for taste, productivity and beauty.

Our Core Values

Non-gmo Seeds And Regenerative Farming Practices. Because It’s The Right Thing To Do. How Do Local Seeds Benefit You?

Our Family

Your Local Growers

It Takes A Village To Feed Your Family

Vegetable, flower and herb seed is produced on our home farm, Sow Local Seeds, in Head of Jeddore, NS. We source additional seed from select growers in Nova Scotia. These trusted growers are our friends, valuing the same local and organic practices we do.

The growers of each seed variety are listed on the product page under the “Description” section. For 2024, your seeds have been grown by us at Sow Local Seeds and by:

Margie’s Wild Pasture Homestead, Lower West Pubnico, NS

Margie’s been growing seed crops for years on her homestead, where she is in great company with a much-loved herd of goats and her dog “Scout”. Margie’s an advocate for homegrown food. She loves to share her homesteading skills with others and encourages everyone to get their hands dirty! Beautiful cobs of Margie’s Glass Gem corn are shown below.

Twisted Brook Farm, West Lawrencetown, NS

Steph and her partner Dan moved here from the West Coast. Steph is a seasoned seed saver.  A mother of two, she magically juggles farm tasks while raising children. Steph mentored me through The BUATA Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security program. I’m especially grateful for her help cleaning seeds this year!

The motto at Twisted Brook Farm is “cultivate diversity”. She’s bred some very cool varieties. Check out the Nomad Pepper and the Worry Dwarf Tomato in our Seed Catalog. Steph’s Ice-bred Arugula is shown going to seed below – bottom left.

Yonder Hill Farm, Laconia, NS

Chris and Garret started their seed farming journey over a decade ago. They support local food security and food producers through ecological seed production. Garrett is a craftsman and Chris is an educator in many ways – eager to share her seed knowledge with on-farm apprentices, volunteers and home gardeners alike! They have three little farm helpers (daughters), Ruth, Joyce and Flora. A basket of Yonder Hill Farm Red Russian Kale is shown below.

Browse the online seed shop, featuring Nova Scotia farm favourites. Varieties selected for their taste, productivity, vigour and beauty!


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